Spotlight: Beauty Drip


2018 is finally here, and you deserve to look your best. I'm sure you read my post called Begin From Within, which talks about nutritional basics to help support skin health. So, for this round of Spotlight, I'm covering my Beauty Drip.


What's a Beauty Drip?

It's an intravenous nutrient formula aimed at promoting collagen production, preventing the degradation of collagen, increasing skin-boosting antioxidant reactions, and nourishing the skin.


What's in it?

The main players are vitamin C, biotin, and multitrace elements-5 (MTE-5). The other essential nutrients in there are vitamin B12, folic acid, calcium, and magnesium. Why these main players? Scroll down for the science.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is necessary for many reactions in the skin. First, studies show that it plays a part in building collagen (Win!). Second, research shows that vitamin C neutralized collagen-damaging free-radicals (Another win!).


This B-vitamin has been show by research to have positive impacts on skin health in those deficient in biotin, such as alleviating scaly skin. Biotin has also been shown to help strengthen nails.

Multitrace elements

Elements founds in this are zinc, selenium, and copper, which research has shown to be effective at protecting the skin from free radical damage from UV radiation and environmental pollutants.

Folic acid

Research shows that this may helpful for psoriasis by reducing homocysteine levels. Vitamin B12 also plays a role in reducing homocysteine levels.


Studies show that this mineral works with vitamin C to help increase cell division so that you skin stay looking fresh and rejuvenated.


How long does the Beauty Drip take?

It takes about 45 minutes. So, you can get a beauty boost right before brunch, during your lunch break, or whenever you feel like you need some quick glow. (P.S. We've got wifi at Jupiter. So, you can netflix, chill, and glow.)


Who can do the drip?

Just about every adult. As long as you don't have any past medical history of kidney disease or congestive heart failure, you should be good to go. A urinalysis is also completed before the drip to see if it will be safe for you to get a treatment on that day.


How often should it be done?

This IV drip is best done weekly or with moderate-to-heavy oral supplementation. You want to make sure that you keep adequate nutrition in your system to help you reach your wellness goals, right? Depending on your skin goals, there are some awesome pairings to the beauty drip, such as a glutathione push, milk thistle seed, collagen, platelet rich plasma facials (PRP facials), specific therapeutic diets, and topical treatments.


What can you pair with this drip?

I recommend to my clients to have a great diet focused on promoting skin health, have a supplement routine that supports the cellular foundations of skin, and to have a topical routine that works well with their skin and helps target skin goals. I also like to recommend a glutathione push to compliment the beauty drip to help reduce dark spots and even-out complexion and to help detoxify the body and the skin of pollutants.



If you want some professional help to get you achieve goals fast and effectively, come swing by Jupiter. We're only open on weekend, and you can schedule your first initial naturopathic visit with me here to just walk-in for an IV nutrient treatment or a vitamin injection. For pricing information on all drips and pushes, click here


Hope to see you soon,

- Dr. B






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