Jupiter + Ohmbiance: Silver Lake's Holistic Skin Care Dream Team


Hey guys! I've got some awesome news to announce! 

I am teaming up with Ohmbiance Holistic Skin Care & Wellness to provide you personalized, comprehensive skin care treatments tailored just for your health history, skin goals, and budget. We are helping clients treat their skin by healing from the inside-out and from the outside-in for fast, effective, and sustainable treatments.



Begin from Within: Jupiter Naturopathic Wellness

I'm sure you already know what we do at Jupiter. But, if you don't, we provide skin healing from the inside-out. Since we strongly believe that your skin is a reflection of your inner health, we begin from within by identifying and targeting the underlying causes of your skin issues. Acne, eczema, uneven skin, signs of aging, and other skin health issues can be impacted by a variety of health issues (such as nutritional deficiencies, hormones, stress, gut health, and many other things). So, having a trained professional help you sleuth out the cause is vital to help you glow like never before.

How do we identify root causes at Jupiter?

  • Comprehensive health history
  • Conventional physical examination
  • Advanced functional labs
  • Bioenergetic muscle testing

How do we treat root causes at jupiter?

  • Nutrition
  • Gentle detoxification (aka biotherapeutic drainage)
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • IV vitamin drips
  • Herbal medicine
  • PRP rejuvenation facials


Heal from the outside-in: Ohmbiance Holistic Skin Care & Wellness

How does Ohmbiance come into play with your naturopathic treatment plan from Jupiter? Ohmbiance provides targeted topical solutions with non-toxic skin care treatments to drive skin healing even faster.

How can Ohmbiance heal your skin from the inside-out?

  • Ohmbiance uses a skin interview concerning the products you're using, your diet, and your skin goals to formulate your personalized facial treatment with professional, high-quality, non-toxic products.
  • Ohmbiance uses a variety of plant-based and clean beauty products to help heal your skin and she uses an assortment of natural treatments (ultrasonic, high frequency, LED, and many more).
  • Ohmbiance looks at your current skin care routine and helps tailor your skin care routine with non-toxic skin care products to help you reach your skin care goals faster and better.


Monthly follow-ups at Jupiter are recommended to assess the effectiveness of naturopathic treatments and monthly facial treatments are recommended at Ohmbiance to maintain healing from the inside-out.

LA, this is the holistic skin care dream team that you have been dreaming of. You deserve better skin, and you know that most conventional treatments are just band-aids to the situation. Let naturopathic medicine and holistic, non-toxic skin care guide you to glowing skin. Schedule your baseline naturopathic skin care consultation with me at Jupiter today.

- Dr. B


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