Spotlight: IV Immune Drip

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Looking for a way to upgrade immune function? Sure, you can take supplements orally. But, if you have gut imbalances, you may not even absorb those immune-supporting nutrients. And, if you don’t have gut imbalance, a majority of nutrients from oral supplements are detoxified by the liver. Solution? The IV Immune Drip at Jupiter.

Plus, when you get nutrients straight into your system via the IV drip, your body will get concentrated and therapeutic amounts of nutrients, which you will feel and which your cells will love.

What’s in it?


Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) supports immune function by causing white blood cells mature to help them identify and kill bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing microbes. Vitamin C has also been shown to prevent and treat systemic and respiratory infections, such as the common cold.


Studies show that zinc can reduce the duration of the common cold. Zinc also plays an essential role in keeping the balance between different types of white blood cells to ensure defense against disease-causing microbes, allergies, and autoimmunity.


By being a pivotal mineral in selenoproteins, selenium plays a role in healthy white blood cell maturation to ensure that immune defenses are able to stronger responses against disease-causing microbes. Additionally, selenium can reduce inflammation in the lungs and intestines.

B vitamins

B6: Helps in the production of antibodies, which as proteins that help white blood cells identify disease-causing pathogens and kill them. B6 also supports the production of cytokines, which are protein messages sent from cell to cell to help them communicate properly (particularly between immune cells).

B12: B12 is involved in B-cell synthesis and T-cell multiplication, which are types of white blood cells that identify and kill disease-causing microbes. Animal models also show that B12 deficiency can reduce white blood cell activity during viral and bacterial infections.

Lactated Ringer’s

Lactated ringers is a carrier solution to ensure that nutrients in the IV drip do not burn or cause any other complications when the IV is done. Lactated ringers supports hydration since it has saline in it alongside electrolytes. Most IV nutrient clinics use sterile water (no electrolytes or saline) or saline 0.9% (no electrolytes), which makes the Myers Drip at Jupiter that much special and worthwhile.

Other nutrients

Magnesium: To support mental and physical relaxation

Dexpanthenol (B5): To support adrenal function, optimal stress response, and cortisol output.

This IV drip is absolutely perfect for supporting the immune system (as you can see above). So, if you’re sick, trying to not get sick, or at the tail end of being sick, this drip will support your immune function so that you can get over what you have or jumpstart it so that you don’t get sick. To book your IV Immune Drip at Jupiter, click right here.

We also offer other IV formulas that can support energy, stress, and skin health. To check out our full menu of IV drips at Jupiter, click here.


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