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IV Nutritional Drip & Vitamin Shot Menu


IV nutritional push

Less hydration, concentrated nutrition


MYERS PUSH (30-45 MIN): $149

Magnesium, calcium, B12, B-complex, Vitamin C. Relieves migraines, muscle cramping, asthma, and high blood pressure; promotes immune activity; increases cellular energy; and supports vital biochemical reactions.

GLUTATHIONE PUSH (5-10 MIN): $75-149

1-2 grams of Glutathione. Improves immune function, supports neurological health, acts as a potent antioxidant, and promotes cellular detoxification. Best done alone or combined with nutrient drips.

IV nutritional drip

More hydration, more nutrition


Myers/Immune Drip (60-120 MIN): $199*

3 grams of vitamin C combined with minerals, B-vitamins, and trace elements to increase immune function for when you're sick, when you're about to get sick, or when you don't want to get sick. Best paired with a glutathione push for boosted immune support and a customized herbal immune tincture.


Replenishing and hydrating Lactated Ringer's solution combined with essential B-vitamins and minerals to help reduce the effects of a hangover before and after your night out. B-12 in this drip will help provide cellular energy to get you through the day. Best paired with a glutathione push to promote detoxification reactions.

BEAUTY DRIP (45-60 MIN): $199*

Concentrated drip with trace elements, biotin, vitamin C, and other B-vitamins made for the woman (or man) looking for that glow to go. This drip is formulated to protect and support skin, collagen, and complexion. Best paired with a glutathione push to support skin health.

Adrenal DRIP 1 (60-120 MIN): $199*

Potent magnesium dosing combined with 3 grams of vitamin C and vitamin B5 to relax, replenish, and nourish adrenals. Added into the drip are B-vitamins and essential minerals to help relax a stressed out soul. Best paired with a customized herbal adrenal tincture.

Adrenal DRIp 2 (60-120 MIN): $249*

Drip formulated for the CEO and the highly stressed. 4 grams of vitamin C combined with B5, B12, Taurine, L-carnitine, selenium, zinc, and B-vitamins to provide cofactors for cellular energy and provide concentrated nourishment for adrenals. This is the highest amount of Vitamin C safely provided before needing to undergo lab testing for G6PD. Best paired with a customized herbal formula.


25 grams of Vitamin C to promote cellular energy, immune activity, and skin health. This treatment is safe with most chemotherapeutic agents, except for those treated with methotrexate. Clients must have completed G6PD testing before getting this drip.

*At-home drips include a travel fee




1 MG B12 INJECTION ($25)

1000 mcg B-12 booster for cellular energy production. Easy and simple.

2 MG B12 INJECTION ($50)

2000 mcg B-12 booster for even more cellular energy.


Methionine, inositol, choline, L-carnitine, and B Complex. Classic amino acid and vitamin formulation to help promote fat metabolism and support detoxification pathways.


B-complex, Dexpanthenol, & B-12 to support energy and nourish adrenals, especially during high-stress situations. Think of this as your adaptogenic vitamin shot.


All the same nutrients as Adrenal Injection 1, but with added Taurine for even greater relaxation support during those uber-high stressful occasions.


Glutathione, Biotin, & B-complex to naturally support skin health and optimize protein use for healthier skin.



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