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Jupiter + Ohmbiance: Silver Lake's Holistic Skin Care Dream Team

LA, this is what you have been waiting for. And, it's finally here. Ohmbiance and I are teaming up to help clients naturally treat their skin by healing from the inside-out and from the outside-in for fast, effective, and sustainable treatments.

What to expect? Personalized, comprehensive skin care treatments tailored just for your health history, skin goals, and budget.

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Begin From Within: Uneven Skin Tone

Let's be real. In LA, we're all in the pursuit of perfection, and lots of people come to me complaining about uneven skin tone... So, when you shift your understanding of health, begin from within, and identify root causes, naturopathic medicine can heal your skin from the inside-out

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Begin From Within: Pimples & Acne

Most conventional treatments address symptoms and are just band-aids to the situation. With pimples and acne, naturopathic medicine has less side effects and identifies and targets the root causes of acne.

Find out my top 5 herbal and nutritional essentials and my top 5 non-toxic topicals that can help with pimples.

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