Hey guys,

I'm Dr. Bryant Esquejo, ND - you can just call me Dr. Bryant. I'm pretty sure you came across my site via my Instagram account that I use as a microblog. If you did, thanks for following me here! If you didn't, welcome! I wanted to reach out to all of you today since I just launched my website this week. I'm going to use this site as my main platform for health and wellness articles since I can only type so much in an Instagram caption. So, still expect daily wellness tips on my Instagram, but not as detailed as before. Also, expect my Instagram account to have more news concerning me and my private practice - Jupiter Naturopathic Wellness.

On that note, Jupiter is officially opening its doors the weekend of December 9, 2017. So, mark your calendars, tell your friends, and book those appointments as soon as you can. At Jupiter, I'll be focusing on my favorites, such as gastroenterology (IBS, SIBO), endocrinology (menopause, period problems, thyroid issues, blood sugar regulation), nutritional mood stabilization (MTHFR), nutritional aesthetics (anti-aging, detox), chronic fatigue/adrenal fatigue, wellness optimization/preventative medicine, and integrative LGBT care. I'm also going to offer IV nutritional therapy for those of you who want to build your health or for those of you who just feel hungover from a crazy night. I am also going to offer vitamin injections for quick wellness boosts.

For now, Jupiter will be only open on weekends since I know people are always on the go and can only find time for self-care on weekends. So, for you busy bodies and hard hitters, know that there's a naturopath open for you. With that, if you're looking for ways to achieve health goals and get back to wellness, make sure to book your initial appointment with me on my patient fusion portal or to call my office at 424.268.8976 to see if walk-in vitamin injections are available the day-of.

Looking forward to this new adventure and to meeting all of you soon!

-Dr. B

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